More about Cataracts

Cataracts are one of the most common treatable sight problems

Cataracts cause the normal lens of the eye to become cloudy, like frosted glass. The lens can no longer sharply focus the light onto the retina, scattering it. This causes symptoms such as double vision, glare, halos and decreased night vision.

While cataracts are usually seen in older people, as the proteins in the lens clump together with age, it can also be caused by a number of other factors.

Some babies are born with cataracts, diabetic patients are at increased risk, and people taking steroids such as prednisone or eye drops containing steroids can develop cataracts.

If you think you might have a cataract, visit your ophthalmologist to check it out.

You may require a cataract operation which entails removing the cloudy lens and replacing it with an artificial clear lens to restore your vision.